Developing an integrated system for Debt Recovery management

February 26th 2020

Under the management of Richard Gwynne, Spratt Endicott’s Debt Recovery team, has for several years acted for one of the UK’s biggest 4G network and digital communications company.

The partnership with the communication giant has lead to a significant investment in the firm’s computer systems; with the development and implementation of an integrated system of debt monitoring and management.

This online portal allows for the transition of data between Spratt Endicott and the client. The system has been designed to update every two hours and has enabled the client to securely share all the recent and relevant information about its customers with the Spratt Endicott Debt Recovery team, so that it might aid recoveries.

The system also offers complete transparency where the client is able to view the current status of commercial recoveries in progress, as well as any billing and reporting processes.

As a result of the success that was achieved, and the continued relationship with the client, Spratt Endicott has now entered into discussions that will not only see the expansion in the range of commercial debts that the firm can collect for the company, but also in the undertaking of volume collection of consumer debts.