Helping client in their rapid expansion

February 26th 2020

A major Electrical client, based in the UK, has grown rapidly in recent years. Not only did this sudden expansion bring new challenges in regards to reporting and collection targets, but the company also required assistance drafting a new Credit Policy and the setting up of an internal Credit Department.

Richard Gwynne, Director of Debt Recovery Unit at Spratt Endicott, has over 25 years experience in Commercial debt recovery and frequently lectures about Credit Management. To assist the client, Richard drafted a new Credit Policy and used his Credit Management expertise to help them to establish a successful internal Credit Department.

With the client’s new internal Credit Department and Credit Policy, together with in-house credit management training delivered by Spratt Endicott, in excess of 60% on small and old debts was recovered for the client. This fantastic achievement highlights the teams’ expertise and ability to adapt to the demands of a dynamic client.