In-house Training for Client

February 26th 2020

We had been acting for a nationwide company for a number of years doing ad-hoc training on various credit management and legal topics. Following a change of management we were ask to carry out regular on going training for existing staff and also were incorporated into their induction program for new starters in their collection departments.

We were requested to attend offices all over the country including Belfast to carry out training. For new starters we wrote a particular training program to cover the basic principles of credit management, telephone collection techniques, identifying legal entities and the legal process. This proved to be a very important part of their induction as the vast majority of new recruits had no previous knowledge of collections.

With the existing staff more in-house training programmes were written on topics such as legal entities, erosion of profit margins, legal process and insolvency. These have proved to be very successful and have been expanded to other parts of the business including sales personnel and we have been invited on a number of occasions to speak at national conferences on these subjects.

Over the years when we have been carrying out this training the staff who have left and gone to other business have then requested we carry out similar training programs for the staff at their new employers.