Large Scale Multiple Settlement Agreements: Independent Advice For Employees

October 3rd 2019

We have considerable experience of acting as independent legal advisers to employees in large scale Settlement Agreement situations. This could cover large scale redundancy exercises, re-organisations, TUPE scenarios where contracts have been lost, business mergers or sales. Having experience in this area means we can provide a cost efficient and effective service where we:-

Services we offer

  • Negotiate the Settlement Agreement template;
  • Visit sites to brief groups of employees on the terms and effect of the Settlement Agreements;
  • Hold individual employee meetings to provide individual specific advice at  an employer’s site(s) or by telephone; and
  • Provide written advice for the employees.

Costs are usually paid by the employer and depend on the number of employees involved, the complexity of matters and the location of the employer.

Case Study

We were contacted late Thursday afternoon to see if we could advise 130+ employees the following week.  A price was quoted and we were informed that this had been accepted on Friday morning.  During Friday we negotiated some changes to the form of the Settlement Agreement , opened files over the weekend and the following week the team gave advice to more that 140 employees at the employers’ premises.  This included “out of hours” advice for those employees working nights.

Getting in touch

We welcome enquiries from organisations seeking to ensure that multiple numbers of employees have easy access to independent legal advice. For enquiries please call Carol Shaw on 01295 204140 or email her at