Managing the Day-to-Day Legal Issues

February 26th 2020

We act for commercial property investor clients who own a range of mixed use properties be they offices, warehouses or retail or be they single or multi let occupancies.  We will manage the day to day legals that arise through new or existing lettings within a development whilst the client explores his perceived angle and looks to increase the investment value of his holding. 

For example, within industrial estates those clients may well own large units and smaller units, the latter for start-up companies.  At all times, and in particular in a challenging market that is currently the case, it is vital to keep the client’s income stream flowing.  That means understanding the “bigger picture” and getting the client’s short term leases for the smaller units concluded swiftly and effortlessly whilst protecting his investment value.  

Knowing your client, understanding his targeted tenant audience and being able to communicate to those prospective occupants in a style and manner that eases a deal through is crucial.  Less jargon, more practical common sense with a down to earth approachable style is the key.  A swiftly occupied unit with a happy tenant should, in turn, make for a happy client!