Negotiating an acrimonious divorce

February 26th 2020

We worked on behalf of a client going through divorce proceedings, who had been recommended the firm’s services by another client of the Family Law department.

Following a separation some years previously, the client’s wife had left the country in under acrimonious circumstances, which subsequently led to difficulties while negotiating the divorce and resultant financial agreement.

Mediation, as suggested by our team, helped initially, but with a negotiated Consent Order placed before the Court, the client’s former partner then sought to abandon the agreement following enquiries from a Deputy District Judge.

This led to a further round of protracted negotiations, with our client’s assets needing to be protected and preserved by Dispute Resolution through correspondence.

Still advocating a mediation-led approach, we robustly supported its outcome, enabling the client to maintain the mediated agreement, achieving a result that was considered fair and reasonable under all circumstances, while keeping costs to a minimum thanks to the avoidance of protracted and costly legal proceedings.