Partnership Dispute

December 23rd 2021

We were instructed by two partners in relation to various issues including the potential dissolution of their partnership. The other (of three) partners was thought to have misappropriated partnership assets but would not engage in discussions aimed at agreeing terms for dissolution of the partnership.  We advised on the remedies available to our clients.

We also advised on the position of the other partner in the context of his shareholding with our clients in a limited company associated with the partnership. The other partner had no input in the running of the business of the company since it started but he recognised the value of it and made various requests, as a director and shareholder, for information and documents.  We advised on the limitations which the law imposed on any entitlement he may have to inspect and receive copies of such documents otherwise than strictly for the benefit of the company rather than for his own benefit.

John Spratt was assisted in this matter by commercial litigation specialist Anis Waiz