Sale of Owner-Managed Mobile Applications Business

November 25th 2021

James acted for the two shareholders in an owner managed mobile applications business selling their shares to a Dubai based investor for just over £1 million.

The transaction involved a number of different legal disciplines including in particular corporate, property and employment law. James coordinated a team of solicitors and accountants from the outset of the transaction to completion. The main focus of the assembled team on the transaction was to deal with due diligence enquiries in their field of expertise, and to provide input on the elements of the transaction documentation that related to their area. 

James negotiated a share purchase agreement (including warranties, tax covenants, and post-completion restrictive covenants), and other transactional documents. This included a disclosure letter, employment settlement agreements for the clients’ directorships in the company, and a post-completion employment contract for one of our clients (who stayed on at the company as an employee for a two year period).