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Getting divorced can be overwhelming and will quite possibly be one of the hardest experiences of your life. To relieve yourself of some of the emotions, logistics and pressures of seeking help from family and friends, you may find a Divorce Coaching beneficial.

Divorce Coaching can help you build a bridge between dealing with the law and you as an individual, personally mentoring and supporting you on all fronts to lead you towards a brighter future. To ensure you are safely looked after, it is best to seek an expert who is fully qualified to guide you through every emotional and practical aspect of your divorce.

Madeleine Harrington is an experienced professional Solicitor, Mediator, and dedicated Divorce Coach, combining her significant legal expertise with her sensitive understanding to see both you and your world clearly. She can help you through the challenges faced during a divorce or break up, providing emotional support, so you can rebuild your life and move on to a more positive future.

Why Choose SE-Solicitors


We know the stresses and uncertainty you may face. Family is all about relationships, so we are doubly focused on compassionately understanding you and your world more deeply.


By harnessing our collective skills, knowledge, and depth of expertise, we’re here to support you and manage the unique complexity of your interests in a smarter way.


Naturally strategic, we’re able to solve problems, realise opportunities more effectively, and see the bigger picture, for family is at the heart of so much of our lives.


Always responsive, with a solutions orientated mindset, we get to the heart of the matter fast, enabling you to reach positive outcomes more quickly.

Get in touch

For inquiries about divorce coaching, please get in touch with our team. You can call us, email us or fill in the form and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

Our client testimonials

“Madeleine Harrington is an outstanding and tenacious lawyer who treats her clients with kindness and empathy.”
Legal 500
“Madeleine Harrington is a first-class solicitor who provides an excellent service for her many clients. She has a relaxing, engaging, and easy manner which puts clients at their ease during some of the most difficult times in their lives. She is very sensible and practical and always brings good sense, proportionality, and commerciality to her cases. She is also very mindful of costs and so provides great value for money.”
Legal 500