Settlement on difficult Claim

February 26th 2020

We were passed this file following the filing of the Defendant’s Defence and immediately spotted and advised the Client that their Claim had difficulties due to problems with proving that the Defendant was indeed the correct Defendant and serious billing errors had been made.  We advised that settlement was the way forward.

We used his negotiations expertise to correspond with the Defendant’s Solicitor to try to get the best deal possible for the Client.

Whilst negotiations were ongoing, we used our legal and drafting expertise to go through the Court process.  We advised the Client throughout all of the procedures and drafted all the documents, including the Reply to Defence and Witness Statement.

The Defendant had been bullish throughout the proceedings in that they only wanted to pay a very small settlement sum.  We advised the Client that, despite the shortcomings in their Claim, they should seek a higher amount and, if necessary, take their chances in Court.  Eventually, under the weight of our arguments, the Defendant gave in and paid the Client what they wanted.  The Client was very happy with the result.