Successful bankruptcy against nefarious debtor

February 26th 2020

Our Client wanted to make the debtor bankrupt as he had borrowed a large sum of money from them and, despite many promises and reassurances, had never paid more than a very small percentage back.

The debtor was a nefarious character who spent a great deal of time making this matter problematical and trying to scare the Client from pursuing him. Using our experience of debtors, we advised the Client against stopping the proceedings simply on a promise of payment.

The debtor was served with a Statutory Demand but applied to have this set aside. At the hearing of this application, we were successful in having the debtor’s application dismissed. The debtor then appealed against this decision and we were again successful in having this dismissed. 

A Bankruptcy Petition was issued against the debtor and despite further applications to adjourn and appeal, the debtor was made bankrupt at the first attempt.

We used our bankruptcy expertise to guide the Client through the process and file all the necessary documentation at Court which ultimately resulted in the debtor being made bankrupt. We used his application and appeals expertise to deal with the various applications the debtor made to Court and each one of these was defeated before a Judge.