Completing a complex, multi-jurisdictional acquisition

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Completing a complex, multi-jurisdictional acquisition of a Welsh company by a large American Company


SE-Solicitors acted for an English subsidiary of a large, listed American company in their acquisition of a Welsh company. The deal was made more complicated due to the target company having subsidiaries in both America and Australia, and a branch office in Dubai. This meant that there were multiple jurisdictions involved in the transaction, making it more complex to navigate.


The Value to the Client:

The SE-Solicitors team, led by Corporate Director Hitendra Patel, included John Spratt (Commercial Consultant), Catherine O’Riordan (Corporate & Commercial Senior Associate), and Christine Ward (Tax Consultant). To assist with the Employment Law aspects of the transaction, the team also brought in the relevant expertise of Director Carol Shaw. This ensured that every aspect of the transaction was covered, providing expert, specialist knowledge for the client.

The team headed the transaction, co-ordinating with the client’s overseas lawyers to complete the transaction within the necessary timescales, all whilst ensuring that it remained as cost-effective as possible for the client. Working across so many different countries meant that the team were not only navigating different laws and customs, but also work was having to be completed across three different time-zones.

The acquisition was successfully completed, and our clients were greatly satisfied with the outcome.

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