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SE-Solicitors is a leading law firm in the heart of England, full of wonderful people who see the law clearly and see what is taking place in our rapidly changing world. The needs of individuals and business are evolving fast, and they are also becoming increasing sophisticated, complex and time sensitive. This presents you and your business with many opportunities and challenges.

By working in partnership with you, whether you are an individual or a dynamic organisation, we provide the highest quality legal expertise, strategic insight and personal support, helping to cut through the complexity.

Our smart, pragmatic, tailored legal advice and solutions helps you to navigate these demanding challenges, turning your ambitious goals into reality. SE-Solicitors are by your side, empowering you to realise your future in life and business.

Empowering our clients to see clearly and realise their future, through:


With our belief that relationships really do matter, we’re focused on understanding you and your world more deeply.


By harnessing our collective skills, knowledge, and depth of expertise, we support you to manage the unique complexity of your personal and commercial interests in a smarter way.


Naturally strategic, we’re able to see the bigger picture, solve problems and realise opportunities more effectively.


Always responsive, with a solutions orientated mindset, we get to the heart of the matter fast, enabling you to reach positive outcomes more quickly.

Our Values

Always Human

Our deep understanding and intuition for the human dynamic lies at the heart of our work. This makes us strive to create a first class experience for both our staff and our clients, which is always personal.

We support people when they need it the most. This is reflected in our culture and the way we work together. Supportive, nurturing, open and inclusive – we work hard to ensure everyone feels welcome, valued and that this is their professional home.

Deeply Dedicated

At our heart is a tireless commitment to achieving the best outcomes for our clients. Through active listening, constructive conversations and relationships grown over time, we develop a powerful understanding of their needs and their world.

We’re as invested in our staff as we are in our clients. Our people are our greatest asset and we believe in supporting them to excel and progress within the SE family – with clear and tailored pathways, training and development, we ensure everyone has a clear role and direction within the firm.

Ambitiously Driven

As a team, we are driven by the desire to see our clients succeed. We measure our success by helping them achieve their goals and work with them through their most difficult challenges. It is in this complex and challenging work where we can make the most impact, which fulfils us.

We always look for ways to go the extra mile and add value. We believe we’re only as good as our last piece of work. So we’re relentless in our drive to keep improving and achieving great outcomes. We’re also driven to grow the business, to continue to make it more successful. But we believe in growing it well, so our staff can share in its success and feel part of our future.

Truly Collaborative

We thrive because we recognise and value each other’s strengths. We’re a team of wonderful individuals, with brilliant minds.

We create the best solutions to the biggest problems when we work collaboratively, combining our different ideas, insights and expertise together to address the most complex issues, and in doing so achieve so much more.

We work in partnership with our clients, listening and involving them in the matter, adapting and evolving with their needs and building trust. We don’t enforce or dictate a direction, we guide, advise and support, because we believe working together constructively brings better outcomes for us all.


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