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Independent protection to secure your assets.

Trusts can be complicated but with the right legal advice, a trust will allow you to protect, control and retain your assets now and in the future, even if ownership has been passed on.

Setting up trusts can be useful for managing tax mitigation schemes and reducing tax liabilities in the present or future. However, setting up a trust always comes with tax consequences. You will also need to consider the set-up costs, future running costs and how to close a trust.

Our solicitors extensive experience in sitting on, setting up and managing trusts provides the best insight into the practicalities of running, advising and drafting new trusts.

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Your questions answered. Take a look at some our frequently asked questions for more Information.

What is the Trust Registration Service (TRS)?
The TRS is an online system by which trustees (administrators of the trust) can register the trust that they are responsible for with HMRC. It was introduced to satisfy the requirements of The Fourth and The Fifth Money Laundering Directives (4MLD and 5MLD). The 4MLD and 5MLD were introduced by the EU to prevent trusts being used for money laundering and/or terrorist financing. For further information, please see the Trust Registration Service Manual.
Why do I need to register my trust?
A Discretionary Trust means power sits with a group of trustees rather than one individual. Decisions about who benefits, by how much and when are made by the trustees.

A Bare Trust is a simple form of trust. The nominee or trustee holds the trust property, but the beneficiary has complete rights to it and can ask the trustee to hand over the trust property at any time. A good example is when parents hold savings accounts as nominees for their children.

Trusts can also come in the form of charitable, investment and pension trusts. We do not deal with these specific trust setups.

What are the duties & liabilities of a trustee?
There is much to consider when deciding whether to accept the role of a trustee. The responsibilities, obligations and liabilities associated with managing the trust needs to be carefully understood.