Family courts experiencing massive increase in workload

October 7th 2021

The family courts are groaning with the amount of work they are having to deal with.  A report published by the Law Society Gazette has seen a rise of 11% in Children Act private law cases, 7% rise in divorce cases and a massive 72% increase in financial cases.  

Resolving matters in court is not the only option, making an application to court should be the last resort.  Reasons for court proceedings being a last resort include:

  • the cost implications if you want legal representation in court proceedings;
  • court proceedings can be seen as a hostile move and cause further animosity.  This is particularly unhelpful where the court proceedings relate to your children, considering you will need to maintain a relationship with the other parent for years to come;
  • the uncertainty of the judge imposing a decision upon you if you are unable to reach agreement

At the outset of any matter I advise my clients on all options available to them to resolve their matter. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) can take the form of mediation, collaborative law, arbitration, round table meetings and private FDRs (Financial Dispute Resolution).  You can also avoid court proceedings by negotiating through solicitors in order to achieve an agreed resolution to your matter.  

Family courts deal with soaring volume of work