Property Winter Worries

December 6th 2022

Winter can be pretty rough, and it’s coming whether we like it or not. By the time of writing, it’s already here!

What winter has in store usually includes storms, a biting cold, strong winds and the colossal expense of the festive period for most. But what about our properties?

Tis the season for cracked pipes, flooding, wind that can unsettle the tiles on a roof or give loose masonry that final push.

For those not yet tied into mains drainage, now is the time to double check that in terms of volume and the frequency of cleans and de-sludges, you are on top of your septic tank. If that were to overflow, well, heaven forbid – but the Environment Agency has broad powers to fine and to rectify such problems.

For those of us whose properties enjoy the peace of being on a private road, are all your neighbours meant to chip in for that pothole that’s growing in pace with the steady appearance of gifts and decorations?

In a block of flats, potentially with views of the autumn and now winter landscapes, what are your obligations regarding that damp problem and what about your landlord? If the heating packs up, who is supposed to pay for it to be fixed? When? And is anyone coming to fix it?

Winter highlights so many problems that we might put off or out of mind, but when it comes to your home or your investment, don’t be left out in the cold. If you are unsure of your rights or responsibilities, why not ask us?

UK weather: Met Office warns of below freezing temperatures