Online Divorce – Do you Still Need a Family Lawyer?

September 15th 2021

Two usiness professionals in a meeting with their lawyer

Now that there is an online portal to help people get divorced, what future is there for the Family Lawyer dealing with the dissolution of marriages and related financial matters?

Helpful though the Court portal may be, it gives no real advice to guide people through the divorce process, and Family Lawyers will need to provide tailored divorce information to clients, helping them as and when necessary.

That said, before starting the divorce process, it is worth seeking expert, independent legal advice.  For example, there may be financial considerations and arrangements concerning children that need taking care of.

Speaking with a specialist Family Lawyer early on in the breakdown of a relationship can, in the long run, save a considerable amount of money, difficulty and time.

It is not uncommon for people contemplating separation to pursue Divorce proceedings without first giving consideration to related financial matters.  It is possible to obtain a Decree Absolute, dissolving the marriage, without having first put in place a Court Order to settle the financial aspects.

Many people will also consult a Family Lawyer if they consider their relationship to be in difficulties, although they are not yet ready to proceed with a divorce or one of the other options that a Family Lawyer can discuss with them.

There are good reasons for taking the time to understand all the options available before embarking on the divorce process.  Paying for financial advice in the early stages of relationship breakdown is usually money well-spent.

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