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Debt recovery without borders

Recovering debts from abroad is often trickier than your average debt recovery as not only is the debtor in a different time zone, but there are also different laws and customs to abide by.

By using our renowned team with their unique knowledge of the international markets, you can focus on your business growth, rather than hiring more staff and getting into the complications of international debt recovery. Our practice is a national leader in this growing field for UK clients, and in these times of challenge we are able to offer a swift, proactive and comprehensive service.

We operate worldwide through a network of agents including international lawyers and tracing and enquiry agencies. We can help you trace debt that has been acquired abroad, and at preferential rates. Our agents can also carry out pre-legal collections, important employment searches and pre-using checks, in addition to the tracing services, meaning you are buying a full and thorough package.

If you are an exporter to the UK who has had issues with payments from a UK company, we can also help you in recovering your debt. For all collections that are made by us before the necessary legal proceedings commence, we will only take a small percentage of the amount recovered.

Our international debt recovery service is offered on a no win, no fee basis, excluding disbursements, at an agreed percentage rate, depending on where your debtor is in the world and the age of the debt. Trust our expert lawyers and recover your international debt. After your case we can even help future-proof your business to mitigate against anything happening again.

Why Choose SE-Solicitors


With our belief that relationships really do matter, we’re focused on understanding you and your world more deeply.


By harnessing our collective skills, knowledge, and depth of expertise, we support you to manage the unique complexity of your personal and commercial interests in a smarter way.


Naturally strategic, we’re able to see the bigger picture, solve problems and realise opportunities more effectively.


Always responsive, with a solutions orientated mindset, we get to the heart of the matter fast, enabling you to reach positive outcomes more quickly.

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Our client testimonials

“At this time I would like to acknowledge your patience and your tenacity in achieving this result. It has been a pleasure working with you and I really do appreciate that we have achieved a perfect result.”
“We found it a difficult and stressful problem and we thank you for the professional help you gave, without which we are certain no resolution would ever have occurred. Your services exceeded our expectations. We hope, in the nicest possible way, that we would never need you services again but should this not be the case we would have no hesitation in thinking of you.”
Mr & Mrs Hetherington, Gawcott, Buckingham
“Petra was a breath of fresh air in a very difficult situation (for me). She was sympathetic and effective.”
Mr Wood, Chipping Norton
“The dedication shown by our solicitor has helped with our dispute. He had obviously read all the paperwork associated with the case and responded accurately and succinctly. His response to the other solicitor was amazing. He always answered when we were unsure and the information he supplied was very helpful. We would thoroughly recommend this firm,”
Mr & Mrs D Gardiner. Cowley, Oxford