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Protecting your property with our specialist legal expertise

Disputes over property or land can cause disruption, uncertainty and time pressures. Whether you are an individual or partnership, charity or social landlord, developer or investor, syndicate or trustee, we can act swiftly to understand your needs and handle every aspect of your property and land dispute to ensure a prompt resolution.

Situated amongst the main development and distribution hubs in the UK, we are uniquely practiced and placed to advise companies and other stakeholders in their commercial property and land disputes disputes across industries. We have particularly expertise in automotive, aviation, commercial warehousing/logistics, development, hospitality, industrial, retail and not for profit sectors.

If you need landlord and tenant expertise, we are also experienced in working on regional urban centres. We draw on the know-how of our specialist Commercial Property legal team where necessary for their technical expertise.

We strive to always be proactive and, once your matter is settled, we will figure out how to help you avoid future issues and disputes. 

Let us help you find a resolution. 

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Get in touch

For help with commercial property & land disputes needs, please get in touch with our team. You can call us, email us or fill in the form and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

Our client testimonials

“At this time I would like to acknowledge your patience and your tenacity in achieving this result. It has been a pleasure working with you and I really do appreciate that we have achieved a perfect result.”
“We found it a difficult and stressful problem and we thank you for the professional help you gave, without which we are certain no resolution would ever have occurred. Your services exceeded our expectations. We hope, in the nicest possible way, that we would never need you services again but should this not be the case we would have no hesitation in thinking of you.”
Mr & Mrs Hetherington, Gawcott, Buckingham
“Petra was a breath of fresh air in a very difficult situation (for me). She was sympathetic and effective.”
Mr Wood, Chipping Norton
“The dedication shown by our solicitor has helped with our dispute. He had obviously read all the paperwork associated with the case and responded accurately and succinctly. His response to the other solicitor was amazing. He always answered when we were unsure and the information he supplied was very helpful. We would thoroughly recommend this firm,”
Mr & Mrs D Gardiner. Cowley, Oxford


Your questions answered. Take a look at our frequently asked questions for more information.

When should I involve SE-Solicitors in my dispute
You should involve us at the earliest opportunity, so that we may advise you on how best to approach resolving the dispute and take the appropriate pre-action steps, which may avoid your dispute ending up in court or result in immediate protection through injunctive relief.
What is Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) ?
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a collective name given to forums of dispute resolution which are not standard Court proceedings. The majority of disputes are now resolved before a full trial. ADR includes mediation, arbitration and negotiation.
Does SE-Solicitors offer ADR?
Yes we do. Traditional litigation can be a time consuming, costly and stressful process. We believe that it’s not always necessary to resort to court action to overcome differences and will work with you to achieve your goals quickly and at a lower cost.
How can I fund the legal costs of my dispute?
You should always check your existing property, car or business insurance policies to ascertain if you have legal expenses cover in place which covers your dispute.
Depending on the nature, strength and value of your case it may be possible to obtain after the event insurance, to cover third party payments, such as court and barrister fees, and the risk of having to pay the your opponent’s costs if you are unsuccessful in bringing a claim. This type of insurance does not cover our fees, but we may be willing to act for you under a Conditional Fee or a Damages Based Agreement, sharing the risk of litigation with you in return for either receiving a success fee or taking a percentage share of your damages.
In high value cases it may also be possible to source funding from a litigation funder, who will invest in the litigation for a funding fee, typically a multiple of cash advanced or a percentage of your damages.
What is an Injunction?
An injunction is an Order from the Court stopping a person from taking a particular action (a prohibitor injunction) or requiring a person to do something (a mandatory injunction).