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Using settlement agreements can be a useful way of avoiding the costs of tribunal proceedings whilst still achieving your goals and avoiding future issues. Our experience in representing both private individuals and businesses means that we have a 360-degree view of the process and can set out the associated risks and costs of several different courses of action and deliver on your goals through negotiated settlements.

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The Legal 500 2023
“Philomena Price is an excellent lawyer, leads the team well and is strategically superb. She has a good and loyal client following.”
The Legal 500 2023
“A small employment team well lead by Philomena Price with excellent client following.”
The Legal 500 2023
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Your questions answered. Take a look at some our frequently asked questions for more Information.

What are Settlement Agreements?
Sometimes, and for various reasons, employers want to end a particular employee’s employment. A Settlement Agreement lets the employment be terminated on particular terms. These terms can be agreed between the employer and employee.
What is the main purpose of a Settlement Agreement?
The main purpose of a Settlement Agreement is to:

Settle all issues between employer and employee

Stop employees bringing future claims against employers, in any court or tribunal, about things that happened during their employment

Why should employers use Settlement Agreement?
Advantages to the employer are:

Avoiding tribunal proceedings costs to settle any disputes

Knowing there will be no further issues to deal with for a particular employee
A Settlement Agreement can also deal with references.

When can employees be offered a Settlement Agreement?
Employees can be offered a Settlement Agreement before or after employment has been terminated.

Why offers should be made “without prejudice”
All Settlement Agreement offers should be made “without prejudice”. This means discussions between employer and employee will be off the record, subject to limited exceptions (such as the employer acting unreasonably or discriminatively).
Important matters to consider with settlement agreements
The law requires a Settlement Agreement to be in a special format. We can check that the Agreement is correct. The law also requires that the employee receives advice from a solicitor (or other appropriate adviser) about the Agreement’s terms and effects. By signing the Settlement Agreement the employee will give away his or her rights to bring claims against the employer.
Who pays for the legal fees?
Usually the employer agrees to pay a specific contribution to the employee’s legal fees for seeing a solicitor to sign the Settlement Agreement.
What service will SE-Solicitors provide?
We will:

Draft an appropriate agreement for your company’s needs

Advise you on any suggested amendments that may be proposed by the employee’s representative.

Act on your behalf in any negotiations that may be required.