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Safeguarding you and the future of your business.

We understand the complexity of balancing personal and professional lives, especially if you are a business owner, but it’s essential to plan for a future that may not include you.

You may actively decide to exit the business at a predetermined point in the future. Alternatively, an exit may be forced upon you because of illness, or worse. There may be assumptions made about the succession planning of a family business, but nothing has been agreed upon or documented.

Our experienced wills & estate planning lawyers will craft a will that is bespoke to you and your specific needs, qualifying business assets, maximising Business Property Relief, preparing for the transfer of ownership, considering succession planning and leveraging estate and inheritance tax opportunities. We work closely with our dedicated Corporate and Commercial team to provide you with the necessary guidance on updating corporate documents including shareholder and partnership agreements.

Let us help you safeguard the future of your business, by planning ahead for the transfer of ownership at the appropriate time.

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Meet our Team for Business Owner Succession Planning

Lucy Gordon, Private Client Director at SE Solicitors
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Lucy Gordon

01295 204000
Liliana Tomasulo, Senior Associate at SE Solicitors, Private Client
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Liliana Tomasulo

Senior Associate
01295 204144
Tom McInerney, Private Client at SE Solicitors
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Tom McInerney

Senior Associate
01295 204092
Julia Routen, Solicitor at SE Solicitors, Residential Property
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Julia Routen

01295 204012
David Endicott, Private Client, SE Solicitors
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David Endicott

01295 204023
Kristina Dunne, Private Client, SE-Solicitors, Bicester
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Kristina Dunne

Senior Associate
01869 222304
Aimee Bowles, Private Client at SE-Solicitors
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Aimee Bowles

Probate Executive
01295 204029

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