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Protect your assets for future generations

With decades of experience, our inheritance tax planning lawyers are dedicated to providing tailored and expert advice to individuals and families seeking to protect and manage their wealth for generations to come.

Whether you are seeking to make gifts in your lifetime, establish trusts, or create a comprehensive estate plan, our lawyers will work closely with you to understand your unique needs and goals and develop a personalised plan to help you achieve them.

We understand the complex and evolving nature of tax laws and regulations, and as a leading law firm, we are committed to staying ahead of the latest developments to provide you with the most effective and cost-efficient strategies for mitigating inheritance tax liability. We can ensure you feel confident about every step of the way.

We can assist with all of your estate planning needs, from writing a will and setting up a trust to effectively minimising the impact of inheritance tax through a variety of strategies and mitigating any potential challenges and disputes that may arise throughout the process. We provide specialised services for all, from individuals to farmers and business owners. No matter what your individual circumstances are and what unique assets you may have, we offer a personalised service designed to provide you with a solution which brings peace of mind and security.

Why Choose SE-Solicitors


With our belief that people and relationships really do matter, we’re focused on understanding you and your world more deeply. Our comprehensive inheritance tax and estate planning services are designed to provide peace of mind and security, ensuring your wishes are respected.


By harnessing our collective skills, knowledge, and depth of expertise, we support you to manage the unique complexity of your personal and commercial interests in a smarter way.


Naturally strategic, we’re able to see the bigger picture, solve problems and realise opportunities more effectively. We ensure that we spend the time to help you to navigate your future clearly.


Always responsive, with a solution orientated mindset, we get to the heart of all types of matters fast, enabling you to reach positive outcomes more quickly.

Meet our Team for Inheritance Tax Planning

Lucy Gordon, Private Client Director at SE Solicitors
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Lucy Gordon

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Liliana Tomasulo, Senior Associate at SE Solicitors, Private Client
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Liliana Tomasulo

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Tom McInerney, Private Client at SE Solicitors
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Tom McInerney

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Julia Routen, Solicitor at SE Solicitors, Residential Property
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Julia Routen

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David Endicott, Private Client, SE Solicitors
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David Endicott

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Kristina Dunne, Private Client, SE-Solicitors, Bicester
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Kristina Dunne

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Aimee Bowles, Private Client at SE-Solicitors
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Aimee Bowles

Probate Executive
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Your questions answered. Take a look at some our frequently asked questions about reducing inheritance tax.

How can the use of gifts help to reduce your inheritance bill?

Lifetime gift giving, within your personal allowance, is an easy way to help reduce the rate of inheritance tax you will pay. These lifetime gifts are tax exempt transfers, meaning you will not need to pay any inheritance tax, as long as you survive 7 years after the date of transfer. From three years, taper relief will apply to your gift, meaning less inheritance tax will be paid with each passing year. This allows you to gift a small lump sum within your allowance to any beneficiaries you wish.

How can setting up a trust help to reduce your inheritance tax bill?
Setting up trusts, whether for a business or personal assets, is an effective way for inheritance tax planning. For example, if you place a property within a trust, this will then fall outside of your taxable estate. Setting up a trust can also help to protect the inheritance of minors, or help provide for a family member with special needs.
How do tax-efficient assets help to reduce your inheritance tax bill?
Investing in tax-efficient assets is also beneficial for inheritance tax purposes, as these investments provide an opportunity to grow your capital, whilst also reducing your inheritance tax bill in the event of death.
How can I reduce my property inheritance tax in the UK?
In the UK, you can reduce property inheritance tax by making use of the residence nil rate band, gifting property or placing property into a trust. There is also tax relief on your main residence, however for this to be valid, your home must be passed to a direct descendant.
Who is best to advise on inheritance tax?
Qualified solicitors or financial advisers who specialise in estate planning are best equipped to provide you with information and tax advice. Our expert solicitors are specialists in providing advice around the latest tax laws and HMRC regulations. They will guide you through the estate planning process step by step, providing impartial help and providing information around any tax relief or exemptions you may qualify for.