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Legal protection for the elderly and vulnerable.

Life is complicated, and we’re all aware that as we age, our cognitive abilities often decline, affecting our ability to think clearly and make sound decisions about our finances, health and care. When these matters affect a family business, it can be even more complex and highly emotional.

We can help you to plan now, for a time when you are no longer able to, or want to, make these decisions for yourself, with a lasting power of attorney. Our team is also experienced in providing legal guidance when making decisions on behalf of family members suddenly becomes your responsibility.

Our specialist team have earned a reputation for the assured and careful handling of a range of legal issues surrounding the welfare and needs of older and vulnerable people. This includes the experience of trusts and mental health, helping to navigate the complex rules and assessments of care home funding, and working with the court of protection to ensure the necessary care and financial agreements are put in place.

We invest our time to develop close relationships with families and carers, so we can best reduce the pressure during emotional situations, sensitively manage any family tensions and navigate a clear path forward.

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Meet our Team for Older & vulnerable clients

Lucy Gordon, Private Client Director at SE Solicitors
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Lucy Gordon

01295 204000
David Endicott, Private Client, SE Solicitors
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David Endicott

01295 204023
Tom McInerney, Private Client at SE Solicitors
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Tom McInerney

Senior Associate
01295 204092
Liliana Tomasulo, Senior Associate at SE Solicitors, Private Client
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Liliana Tomasulo

Senior Associate
01295 204144
Kristina Dunne, Private Client, SE-Solicitors, Bicester
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Kristina Dunne

Senior Associate
01869 222304
Julia Routen, Solicitor at SE Solicitors, Residential Property
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Julia Routen

01295 204012
Aimee Bowles, Private Client at SE-Solicitors
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Aimee Bowles

Probate Executive
01295 204029

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