Spratt Endicott launches new training courses – helping your business to succeed

April 30th 2015

To survive and thrive businesses need to be ahead of the pack, and training is necessary to achieve this.

Spratt Endicott’s Employment Partners, Carol Shaw and Philomena Price, have just launched their new training programme for businesses to train their managers and staff. Their practical learning methods bring training to life in workplaces, and give businesses immediate results as the topics covered are readily applicable to real life business situations.

Why train staff?

Regular and up to date training avoids claims, saves money, motivates employees and ensures your business is a success, providing a real and immediate return on investment.

Popular courses on offer include:

  • Equality and diversity (avoiding expensive claims and ensuring equal treatment)
  • Anti-corruption and bribery (avoiding fines and prosecutions)
  • IT and electronic communications (ensuring security and protecting reputation)
  • Dealing with absence in the workplace (saving money, avoiding expensive claims and getting the most out of your staff)
  • Performance management (covering the under performers as well as those wanting to achieve more)
  • Handling investigations, grievances and disciplinary issues within the workplace (avoiding expensive claims and empowering your managers to be confident in dealing with issues in the workplace)

Courses can all be delivered to management or staff at your premises, and can be adapted to your individual requirements. Each course includes practical exercises which are tailored to individual businesses.

Recent Feedback from delegates:

 “Very important information and useful from a work and personal point of view. Good delivery and at the right pace.”
“Very difficult topic explained very professionally and pleasantly.”
“Thank you for a very interesting and relevant session, which will be used in my day to day role”

How long is each course?

Each course is designed to be delivered on a half day basis.

How much does it cost?

Our costs are reasonable, transparent and tailored to your needs.

Interested in making your business a success?

For further information and a free discussion, contact Carol or Philomena on 01295 204000 or email employmentlaw@se-solicitors.co.uk