FREE WEBINAR: Introduction to Authorised Push Payment Fraud – 10th November at 12pm

October 20th 2022

With the rise of Authorised Push Payment Fraud, it’s essential for businesses, lenders, asset finance and factoring companies to understand the extent of this growing fraud type.

Join experts from Spratt Endicott Solicitors for a free lunchtime webinar to discuss the scourge of Authorised Push Payment (‘APP’) frauds, in which victims are tricked into making bank transfers to fraudsters posing as a legitimate payees, and how this continues to grow. In 2021, the amount lost to APP fraud rose to £583.2m in 2021, a 39% increase compared with 2020.

This live online event on Thursday 10th November at 12pm, offers key insights from the Spratt Endicott highly-rated banking and finance dispute law team, Anis Waiz and Thomas Halstead. They will explore the legal implications, the current regulatory landscape, duties, and risks involved of APP fraud for businesses and lenders. In addition, we shall learn from recent cases and discuss what is being done to help combat this fraud.

Attendees can ask questions in a Q&A at the end of the session and are encouraged to submit them when registering.

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In 2021, the amount lost to APP fraud rose to £583.2m in 2021, a 39% increased compared with 2020.