(Simply) the Best.

May 30th 2023

In 1981 the late Tina Turner went public for the first time about being a victim of domestic abuse at the hands of her then husband Ike Turner. In doing so she broke a taboo, domestic abuse was then shrouded in silence and victims felt ashamed and unable to speak out.

It did not make for comfortable listening, as she had been viciously assaulted time and again. There were other aspects to the abuse, he had total control over her career, she had been financially controlled and humiliated; she lived in fear.

Many people struggle to understand why a woman who was famous and successful could be victimised for so many years. She did much to explain this: she felt trapped and powerless; abuse was normalised in the relationship; it took real strength and utter desperation to escape.

Tina started a debate about domestic abuse, our understanding of what constitutes abuse developed, the law and attitudes changed. Ike never admitted being an abuser; abusers rarely do and that will not change quickly or easily; but in not just surviving, but thriving after she left him, Tina inspired more people than we will ever know. That is the real reason she will be remembered as “Simply the Best”.

How Tina Turner ‘broke the silence’ on domestic abuse