National Pension Tracing Day

November 1st 2023

29 October is National Pension Tracing Day. It says a lot that there needs to be a day for finding lost pensions, but estimates suggest that there are 2.8 million lost pensions, representing £26 billion.

It is easy to forget about pensions over the course of a career, with people losing track of their entitlement. Some people overlook pensions that might have been frozen for decades, but still valuable. House moves make it harder for pension trustees to keep track of members.

On divorce, identifying all available pensions is essential if a fair outcome is to be achieved, that means for some working out what pensions they actually have. Parties are compelled to disclose their pensions and when pensions are being divided, every penny counts to maximise retirement income.

The National Pension Tracing Day website has links to enable people to find missing pensions, and not to be at risk from scammers or commercial organisations that are more focused on profit: