My separation is amicable, should I consider Divorce Together?

November 3rd 2023

When a separation is amicable, reaching the decision to divorce or dissolve a civil partnership is often a difficult choice to make. Of course, once the decision has been made, attention must also be given to how the family finances, and/or arrangements for the children are dealt with.  

When matters are amicable, often couples engage in out of court dispute resolution, such as mediation or arbitration, to discuss options of how to separate their finances, and to discuss arrangements for any children of the family. Alternatively, couples can instruct their own solicitor to represent them, and negotiations take place through solicitors. This can be a costly process for couples to endure and can lead to lengthy court proceedings if an agreement cannot be reached.

At SE-Solicitors, we recognise that when couples are separating amicably, the smoother the journey to an outcome, the better. We can assist couples to ‘Divorce Together™’ which essentially blends the mediation process together with the court process, aiding couples to reach an outcome in the most cost and time effective way possible.

The ‘Divorce Together™’ service at SE-Solicitors means you can use the same legal team, which can reduce costs significantly. It also allows for discussions to be had in the same room to diffuse any situations that might otherwise become inflamed should correspondence be passed back and forth between solicitors. Divorce Together™ is a two-stage process that starts with mediation with our in house Mediator, Monicka Rai, and can then move on to a “mini-Hearing” with our Consultant Barrister, Michael George. Watch here our informative video in respect of how the ‘Divorce Together’ process works.