Why Spratt Endicott is part of an international law group

March 29th 2017

In these days where talk is dominated by Brexit, I reflect with interest on our relationship with our colleagues in Europe. For some years now Spratt Endicott has been a member of an international law group called Law Link.

Our History

Our membership of this group all started here in Oxfordshire when they were staying at the Randolph Hotel for their annual meeting. When I was introduced to them, I remember they asked me (at very short notice) to give a talk to their members at Magdalen College in Oxford on issues of European law.

It all went so well that, when the meeting had finished, it seemed a good idea to have a party, so all 50 of the delegation came to my home and relationships were formed! I remember Catherine (O’Riordan) from our corporate department and Ansgar Rother (who practices in Bonn) entertaining us with amazing performances of jazz and Mozart on the piano.

We have stayed in touch over the years. I value these real pragmatic relationships with our colleagues in Europe and beyond. We find it very useful to pick up the phone to a colleague in another country and get quick, reliable advice on issues arising in each other’s jurisdictions. We have also had exchanges of junior lawyers between the offices, gaining valuable insight and experience.

Membership Activities

The reason I think it more important now, than ever before, to be part of an international law group such as Law Link, is because an increasing number of our clients are international and multi-national, and much of the commercial work in the firm has an international element. Competition law for example is and will remain a Europe-wide issue and agreements are more and more cross-border.

Spratt Endicott is keen to develop its international business. Over the last few years I have made an annual trip, supported by UKTI, to talk to businesses in the Netherlands and Belgium about exporting to the UK or setting up subsidiaries in the UK. This level of international awareness is important to the firm and our clients.

The Future

So, while I support Brexit, I am committed to continue relationships with our international colleagues. We have enjoyed meeting our friends at many Law Link annual meetings in Capitals across Europe, and this year it will be held in Athens when Petra (van Dijk) from our insolvency department will attend. I am sure there will be much to talk about and learn in these changing times, and it is a great opportunity to work together and help each other to profit and grow.

John Spratt is the head of the Company Commercial team at Spratt Endicott, and if you would like to learn more about how we can assist your business, contact him on 01295 204115 or by email at jspratt@se-solicitors.co.uk.

For further information about Law Link, visit the website here https://www.lawlink.org/.