Gender Equality Report reveals women are still experiencing inappropriate comments or behaviour by their male colleagues in the workplace

September 13th 2022

A recently published report carried out by Randstad based on the survey of 6000 workers in the construction, education, healthcare and technology sectors has revealed the following statistics:-

– 72% of women have unfortunately encountered inappropriate behaviour from male colleagues

– 18% of the women surveyed had never experienced gender discrimination

-73% of women say that employers in their industry are not doing enough to support their employees through the menopause.

The report highlighted that the male workforce is currently under represented within the education sector, healthcare is dominated by female workers and although the technology sector is still dominated by male workers more female workers (just over a quarter) were now working in this sector. 

This report includes 12 steps for employers to help improve diversity and inclusion which are worth considering.

The full report can be downloaded from their website:-


a call for change. Our survey revealed that 72% have unfortunately encountered inappropriate behaviour from male colleagues. It’s time to take note and accept that the UK workplace is out of step with the broad needs and expectations of today's workforce.