Heiress Marlene Engelhorn set to inherit millions wants to give away 90 % of her riches saying, “The dream scenario is I get taxed!”

November 4th 2022

The 30-year-old heiress, Marlene Engelhorn is due to inherit millions of euros from her grandmother who died last month. Austria, where Marlene resides, made the decision to abolish its inheritance tax in 2008.

Marlene’s family fortune started with Friedrich Engelhorn. He founded one of the world’s largest chemical companies in Germany, 150 years ago. Forbes estimated the family’s net worth to be $4.2 billion.

The heiress, who is an activist for the ‘Tax Me Now’ movement, does not believe that she has a right to the money and describes herself as ‘the product of an unequal society and a power disbalance’.

Marlene believes what is really needed is structural change and hopes for a more economic balance in the future.

The group ‘Millionaires for Humanity’ are urging governments to take more of millionaire’s money by increasing inheritance and wealth taxes.

Do you agree? If the money isn’t earned by the inheritor, should it be democratically allocated?

German Heiress "annoyed" by USD 4.2 Billion worth inheritence, wants it all taxed away!