Are you a Fertility Ambassador?

November 11th 2022

Nickie Aiken MP has launched a Fertility workplace pledge that employers can sign up to to help change the attitudes towards fertility treatment in the UK. According to her website on this she has joined forces with national charities and this pledge has already been signed by organisations such as Natwest Group, Metro Bank and the Co-op. Nickie Aiken states that more than a third of people going through treatment such as IVF have considered quitting their job and have hid fertility treatments for fear that they will be negatively impacted in their career.  

“The Fertility Workplace Pledge consists of four steps for employers to sign up to:

  1. Accessible information: Having an accessible workplace fertility policy to create an open culture free from stigma; to make sure employees feel comfortable in the workplace; and to prevent the best talent from leaving.
  2. Awareness in the workplace: Establishing the role of Fertility Ambassador to open conversations internally and make people aware of available support.
  3. Staff training: Making sure line managers understand the realities of treatment for employees including the physical, mental, and financial impact — and how they can support someone going through it.
  4. Flexible working: Giving the right for employees to request flexible working, including reasonable working adjustments, so they can attend appointments.”

Nickie Aiken’s campaign also includes a private members bill, Fertility Treatment (Employment Rights) Bill. For more details please see and

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