The Great Big Workplace Adjustments Survey 2023

June 28th 2023

The Equality Act 2010 imposes a duty on employers to make reasonable adjustments to premises or working practices to help disabled job applicants and employees. A failure to comply with this duty to make reasonable adjustments is a form of discrimination.

The Great Big British Adjustments Survey 2023 which was published in June 2023 contains advice about what employers can do to improve support for those with disabilities to help comply with this duty. Mental health came top of the table of disabilities in this survey and it was also common for employees to have more than one condition.

Occupational health was found not to be working compatibly with employers’ workplace adjustments processes, with just 22% of disabled employees and 25% of managers saying that it has helped disabilities or conditions being managed at work. A number of recommendations are made to improve this including that managers should be supported to know how to make an effective referral and what to do with an occupational health report.

There are various other suggestions for employers to help “disabled employees get what they need, keep well, and …be themselves in today’s workplaces”.

The Great Big Workplace Adjustments Survey 2023