52% of all mothers have faced some form of discrimination when pregnant, on maternity leave or when they returned…

August 1st 2023

Over 24,000 parents have been surveyed to produce a new report from Pregnant Then Screwed which shows that discrimination is very much still evident in the workplace when women become mothers. The research has found:-

  • “52% of mothers say they faced some form of discrimination when pregnant, on maternity leave or when they returned.
  • 7% of women lost their job through redundancy, sacking, or feeling forced to leave due to a flexible working request being declined or due to health and safety issues.
  • 10% of women were bullied or harassed when pregnant or when returning to work
  • 1 in 5 left their employer due to negative experiences
  • 90% of women who were breastfeeding had to use a toilet or were not provided a suitable space.
  • 73% of women said a colleague made hurtful comments about their pregnancy or maternity leave
  • 74% of women said that someone insinuated that their performance had dipped due to pregnancy or maternity leave
  • 1.62% of women said that their boss insinuated that they should end their pregnancy
  • 64% said a boss or colleague made inappropriate comments about their looks when pregnant.” 

There is legislation and rules applicable to pregnant employees and those taking and returning from maternity leave to protect against such discrimination. Compensation for discrimination claims is also uncapped  

If you would like more information on the rights and responsibilities of and towards pregnant employees and new mothers then get in touch.  

The contents of this article is a general guide only at the date of publication.  It is not comprehensive and it does not constitute legal advice.  Specific legal advice should be sought in relation to the particular facts of a given situation.

DATE: 19th July 2023: New research from Pregnant Then Screwed has unlocked the discrimination that is alive and kicking in workplaces today, with a shocking revelation that 1 in every 61 pregnant women say their boss suggested they terminate their pregnancy.