Automated Vehicles Bill confirmed in King’s Speech

November 15th 2023

Following the King’s speech on 7 November 2023, a number of Bills were announced which are set to become legislation in the near future. One of these significant Bills is the Automated Vehicles Bill which will enable self-driving vehicles in the United Kingdom. 

The introduction of the Bill will aim to place the United Kingdom at the forefront of global regulations in respect of autonomous driving. The industry is worth a projected £42 billion pounds and could produce 38,000 jobs and lead to a significant boost of the economy. 

Key provisions of the bill will look to include the following: –

  • Producing a new safety framework: This will include setting safety thresholds for self-driving vehicles in law, as well as providing the relevant authorities with the power to enforce these standards.  
  • Consumer Protection: Only vehicles that meet requisite standards can be advertised and marketed as self-driving vehicles. 
  • Accountability: Companies who manufacture and develop self-driving vehicles will be directly held accountable for the safety of their vehicles. The Bill will also include a list of variety of  sanctions for non-compliance. 
  • Outlining processes to investigate incidents involving self-driving vehicles.

Each self-driving vehicle will have an Authorised Self-Driving Entity which usually be the manufacturer. Companies will have continuous duties to keep their vehicles safe and ensure that the continue to drive in accordance with the requisite legislation. 

The Automated Vehicles Bill aims to accommodate the novel and fast expanding self-driving technology, with safety being at its core. The next stages will be the implementation of this Bill as legislation which will no doubt be accompanied with continuous research and the development of legal framework as this novel industry progresses. 











New laws to safely roll out self-driving vehicles across British roads