How a multi-disciplinary law firm can help with your wider family needs

January 16th 2024

When contemplating divorce or dissolution proceedings, it is helpful to consider all of the steps needed to reach a financial settlement.

Some separating couples may have limited assets, for example where they are renting and may not have had the opportunity to build up pensions.

In other cases, a couple may be fortunate enough to own one or more properties, and there may be pension assets to consider.

In some situations, divorce and dissolution proceedings may involve a family business, which might also require the consideration of employment-related issues.

In short, more often than not a Family Lawyer will find themselves presented with the need for additional legal advice, some of which they may not be best placed to offer.

For clients seeking advice on more complex arrangements, it may be worth instructing a multi-disciplinary practice.

In a multi-disciplinary Law firm, Family Lawyers are able to work with teams of colleagues who are specialists in dealing with Agricultural, Residential and Commercial Property, Employment and Company Commercial Law and Private Capital Law, amongst others.

Although adopting a joined-up approach to resolving Family Law issues in-house is advantageous, it is not the only way to add value in financial cases. Where necessary, external financial experts, such as Actuaries and Independent Financial Advisers, can be brought into assist legal divorce and dissolution teams.

Finally, when resolving financial matters on divorce and dissolution, it is worth noting that in-house teams can offer a cost-effective range of expertise.


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