What is an amicable divorce?

March 22nd 2024

What does it mean to have an amicable divorce? To many, the words “amicable” and “divorce” are rarely referred to in conjunction with one another. However, an amicable divorce is possible, especially with our new Divorce Together Service,  and it does happen, more often than not. 

An amicable divorce means working together, rather than against each other. 

Simply because the marriage has broken down does not mean two people need to start blaming one another. In 2022, No-Fault Divorce came into law. As a result, there is no need to lay the blame at the other’s feet for the relationship ending. This has helped more people achieve an amicable divorce. The current divorce law is geared towards cooperation rather than opposition. For example, it is possible to file a joint divorce application. 

Usually, deciding how to divide finances or making arrangements for any children you may have can be the sticking point. Here are some helpful tips: 

Tips on dividing finances and making child arrangements:

  • Focus on resolution, not revenge. 
  • Communication is important, but boundaries must be in place. 
  • Take time to think. Do not be pressured into making a decision you’re not comfortable with or don’t understand. 
  • Get advice – knowledge is key.
  • Let children be children, not sounding boards. 
  • Be open and transparent.

How people achieve a resolution amicably varies. Some find one-to-one or “kitchen table” chats achieve a fair outcome. Others feel more comfortable with a little help. Help comes in many forms such as mediation, collaboration law, or joint services such as SE-Solicitors’ Divorce Together

Once you have reached an amicable resolution, it is essential this is recorded in a legally binding document. This can help prevent future problems. 

Can you have an amicable divorce through solicitors? Simple answer: yes! Solicitors are here to help, not hinder. Our new Divorce Together service is perfect for couples who wish to separate amicably. If you are interested in knowing more about Divorce Together, please get in touch with SE-Solicitors via 0330 0580 250 or visit our website.