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Be compliant with recent Employment Laws with a robust staff handbook.

How does a staff handbook help reduce the risk of claims in your business?

Robust Employee Handbooks are essential for regulating and guiding workplace behaviour. Setting out the key policies and procedures for staff to follow will create a consistent approach to a well-managed workplace and reduce the risk of grievances and claims.

Our specialist lawyers can draft a staff handbook to ensure your business is compliant with the new employment laws, which brought significant changes in the beginning of April 2024. It will help you to regulate and set out the rights and entitlements that your employees have by law, such as annual leave, maternity leave, and sickness absence.

As an employer, you must comply with the procedures set out in the ACAS Code of Practice on Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures. By failing to follow this ACAS code, you may face an uplift of 25% in compensation at an Employment Tribunal.

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