Business Sales, Mergers and Acquisitions

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Our corporate mergers and acquisition (M&A) team expertly handle the technical legal aspects of your transaction with care and speed. Whether you are buying a business, selling a business, or going through a merger, both opportunities and challenges are likely to arise. Our experienced relationship driven lawyers tailor their approach to guide you smoothly through the process.

We pride ourselves on a strong track record of delivering practical and insightful legal advice working through challenges as they arise to get your acquisition or sale successfully completed.

Our ambitiously driven lawyers work closely with regional, national and multi-national clients and their advisers, whether they are an owner-manager, private company or large public entity, to understand the business, the marketplace and the core objectives for the transaction.

From the due diligence stage all the way through to completion and integration, we can help.

Our deal size is typically £2m – £30m with many deals in the £7m – £20m range, however whatever the size of your transaction, get in touch and we will be able to assist you.

Our M&A lawyers adopt a multi-disciplinary approach to each transaction we work on, bringing in the expertise of our other practices such as Employment and Commercial Property to ensure we secure the best outcome for our clients.

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Why Choose SE-Solicitors


With our belief that relationships really do matter, we’re focused on understanding you and your world more deeply.


By harnessing our collective skills, knowledge, and depth of expertise, we support you to manage the unique complexity of your personal and commercial interests in a smarter way.


Naturally strategic, we’re able to see the bigger picture, solve problems and realise opportunities more effectively.


Always responsive, with a solutions orientated mindset, we get to the heart of the matter fast, enabling you to reach positive outcomes more quickly.

Meet our Team for M&A’s

Hitendra Patel, Coporate Law & Commercial at SE Solicitors
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Hitendra Patel

01295 204108
John Spratt, Corporate Law & Commercial at SE Solicitors
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John Spratt

01295 204112
Catherine O'Riordan, Corporate Law & Commercial at SE Solicitors
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Catherine O’Riordan

Senior Associate
01295 204150
James Macdonald, Corporate Law & Commercial, SE Solicitors
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James Macdonald

Senior Associate
01295 204138
Martin Hughes, SE Solicitors, Commercial Property
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Christine Ward

Tax Law Consultant
01295 204000

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Your questions answered. Take a look at some our frequently asked questions for more Information.

Why is legal advice required when selling, buying or merging a business?
Mergers and Acquisitions are often complicated processes. In these times it is important to have a corporate and commercial legal team you trust who put you and your business first. If challenges arise, our experienced team will be able to smoothly guide you through the process with their expertise.
Why choose SE-Solicitors for M&A transactions
Our 4 specialist lawyers provide over 100 years of collective post-qualification experience and an exceptional, highly personalised service. Our clients benefit from dealing directly with one of our lawyers from start to finish of their matter which can be unusual amongst law firms who delegate the work to a more junior fee earner without considering a client’s particular requirements. This provides our clients with the breadth of expertise to deal with their instructions quickly and cost-effectively. Whilst undergoing your merger and acquisition process, it is likely that more complex elements may appear through the process. As a multidisciplinary law firm we can assist with whatever needs and complications arise. Other departments, particularly our Employment and Commercial Property, often lend their expertise to cases.

Our client testimonials

“After 30 years of running my own company I was approached by a larger group that wanted to buy me out. The whole process of selling your life’s work is in itself hard work. I certainly couldn’t have achieved the results I did without the knowledge, experience, care and support that SE Solicitors provided me. The actual Share Purchase Agreement was a 90 page document and I’m very pleased I had such a great team checking through it. Hitendra kept me very much in the loop with what was happening and was always available to go through any concerns. The sale went through and I’m extremely grateful to Hitendra and his team for the high quality advice, support and service they provided to me. “
Client 2024 – Business Sale