Good Divorce Week – how a divorce coach or counsellor can help you have a good divorce

November 30th 2022

Divorce coaching and counselling has been popular in the United States for some time.  In the UK it is starting to gain traction as we understand the value that engaging with a divorce coach can add to the client’s experience of divorce.  

During a divorce, the decisions facing clients can be overwhelming.  It is important for clients to be able to separate emotions from the legal issues.  By separating emotions from the legal process, clients can focus on solutions without being overwhelmed by emotions.  This in turn helps them provide their lawyer with clear advice, enables them to practice better decision making and can improve communication.  With the assistance of a divorce coach, clients will be more focused on taking steps forward to create a positive future.  This benefits everyone, including any children of the family.

Through coaching, clients are able to identify and understand their emotions and dial them down so that they can see other choices and perspectives, respond rather than react, and feel more in control. A coach can help their clients to work out what they can and can’t control and make choices that are right for them, rather than choices based on anger or a desire for revenge.

When clients are in the midst of separating, working openly with a coach alongside a family lawyer can help them to understand and turn down the temperature on their emotions, so that they are more able to give clear instructions and take more responsibility for their part in moving forward.  Clients will see more options and choices and will be able to respond rather than react. 

If clients access divorce coaching alongside legal advice they could even save thousands of pounds in fees as they can provide clear instructions to their lawyers without emotions muddying the waters. Having a divorce coach provide emotional support also means clients will not rack up unnecessary legal fees by using their lawyer for emotional support.

The rise of divorce coaching is a telling insight into how people are becoming increasingly willing to invest in order to make the process of ending a marriage as straightforward as possible.