Probate delays persist

May 31st 2024

Those of you with experience in this area, whether personal or professional, will know that these significant delays have been a problem for far too long. 

Following a Justice Committee inquiry it seems as though the main reason that probate is taking so long is inadequate staff levels at the probate office.  

The effect that the delays in issuing probate has on people is far reaching; not only do the delays prolong the bereavement for grieving families but they can also have very costly consequences. For example, outstanding inheritance tax not being paid and accruing interest, properties not being able to be sold and thus incurring ongoing maintenance costs and utility expenses, in addition to third party debts such as care home fees not being paid and so on. 

With the UK general election in July it remains to be seen if the elected party will tackle the serious concerns raised.  

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...delays in granting probate have been linked to significant financial impacts, including £214 million in lost revenue for councils and budgetary uncertainties for charities.