How to cope with not seeing your grandchildren

June 26th 2024

The role of a grandparent in a child’s life is very a special and important one. Grandparents often play a vital role in a child’s life and are seen as an extension of their parents, (but without the telling off). Life will often throw challenges which may mean that for some reason or another, you are unable to see your grandchildren; the breakdown of the parents’ relationship or other family relationships can make it particularly difficult to navigate this. This can be an isolating experience, especially when you yearn for those precious moments with your grandchildren.

 Here are a few suggestions to help you navigate this difficult situation:

  • Establish alternative means of communication 

While nothing can replace the feeling of hugging your grandchildren, maintaining regular contact through telephone or videocalls is a way of staying close and up to date with what is going on in your grandchildren’s’ lives. 

  • Do not suffer in silence

It is important you reach out to your support network and share what you are feeling. It can often become so overwhelming, so speaking to someone who can lend an understanding ear or a shoulder to lean can be invaluable. 

  • Keep yourself busy

You may wish to explore activities you have always wanted to pursue. The focus on doing something positive for yourself could help distract you from missing your grandchildren. Keeping yourself healthy and focusing on self-care is also very important. 

  • See a professional 

There is no shame in seeking professional help to guide you through your emotions. They can be very useful in providing you with coping strategies to manage the feelings of grief or loss. You may wish to see a professional to understand what your legal rights are as a grandparent. 

It is important you go easy on yourself during this difficult period. Sometimes emotions may still be high therefore a period of space is necessary to allow tensions to simmer down. It is important your grandchildren know that you love them and that their parents understand that you wish to see them.

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