Discrimination Claims – Corporate

February 26th 2020

Given the upsurge in publicity awarded to high profile discrimination claims, it is hardly surprising that discrimination issues form a large part of our current and recent cases.  Many considerations arise in such cases, not least the impact on the business and other individuals in it accused of discrimination and where an employee making such claims remains an employee ensuring that in all subsequent interaction, our client company does not give the employee the ability to add to his or her claims by further allegations of discrimination or victimisation.  Often, the course of action that best suits the client’s needs is careful handling of the situation through to an agreed confidential settlement at a level which comes in well under both the costs risk and time involved in pursuing a case through to its conclusion.  

We also likes to give proactive advice on how the risk and exposure to such claims can be minimised by training staff on their responsibilities towards each other, which enables a company in such circumstances to run a statutory defence that they took all possible steps to prevent any alleged discrimination from occurring